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  • Bookshelf Speakers

    Bookshelf speakers are an ideal solution for filling up your home theatre or other large entertainment rooms with clear, detailed sound. Because of their small size and compact shape, you have the freedom to place them at virtually any location in the room. This allows you to create a varied, immersive audio experience. With different sounds strategically placed in separate parts of the room, you will feel like you’re right there, listening to the event, show, or music in real life.

    Glubes AVU prides itself on carrying the best bookshelf speakers in Halifax / Dartmouth. Our speakers are available in a wide range of different sizes and shapes, allowing you to pick the ones that best fit the specific layout and shape of your room. We also provide a number of different trims and exterior designs. This means that you can select speakers that match the color and designs of the rest of your home theatre, making it easy to create a consistent, beautiful look for the room.

    When you pay a visit to Glubes Audio Video Unlimited, our team will be happy to help you select the best bookshelf speakers for your specific needs. Tell us your budget, the type of audio you want to play, and the layout of your room and we’ll help you find speakers that meet every last one of your desires.

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